You need help?


Q: Am I at any risk by using this Hacks?

A: No you have a 0% risk to get legal problems, or bans, our Hacks are running in Encripted Proxy server which are undetectable for any Auto-Ban or Detection System

Q: My “Coins/Balance/Gems etc…” didnĀ“t arrive?

A: Wait up to 24 Hours and afterwards please contact our administration with the Email down below or try it again (Sometimes server can do all requests due to high traffic)

Q: Are all Hacks real?

A: Ofcourse they are , for most of the hacks we have an existing Youtube video online with unfakeable Likes/Comments and Proofs

Q: Is there a way to bypass the Survey?

A: Yes there is a way, when you failed to complete the survey , contact the administation and they will do it for you (Please try it atleast one time, otherwise we might reject)


Contact our Live-Chat Support by Clicking on the Red Button on the Left side of the Bottom