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In this article you have the chance to find out how to get a Key for the Full Game of Far Cry 5. This will work for Steam, Uplay, XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, Playsation 4 and many more. You will have to choose between a game key for steam or uplay or the download wich will work for PC, XBOX and PS4. Its upon you how you want your Far Cry 5 key / game!


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This game is released in march in 2018, and you can do a ton of different and new things in the new Far Cry 5. In the new version of the game you can choose between a lot of weapon. Maybe you like it louder, then use the shotgun, but there is also baseball bat, to completely destroy the heads of you enemies.  The developer also provided good functioning vehicles. There are small pickups and big truck, but you can also fly with an helicopter or an airplane over the game area. Far Cry 5 has a new story that doesn’t need any knowledge for older parts of the series. The main enemie is Joseph Seed, a self called humanity savior.

But you don’t have to fight alone, Mary May Fairgrave, Jerome Jefferies and the rest of the resistance are helping to kill Joseph Seed! For the first time in Far Cry there is a dynamic world, that’s reacts to your choices and ways. Far Cry 5 offers a wide variety of side activities like Hunting, fishing or crafting. So there are many thing to do in the huge world.

Far Cry 5 fight


As we allready told can you get your Far Cry 5 key for a ton of platforms. Most used are far cry 5 pc key. After that we gave a lot of far cry 5 ps4 key away. But you can also get your far cry 5 xbox key. Don’t worry!


Far Cry 5 fishing


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